Inclusive Design & Other Corporate Disability Shitposts

In the background are nearly 2 dozen of the sketched avatars from the Microsoft Inclusive Design toolkit. Overlaid on top of that is an Emojimix combination of the clown face emoji and the money face emoji, so it’s basically a clown with dollar signs for eyes, and a green tongue sticking out, with a dollar sign on it.

This is a list of threads I have written about corporate disability and inclusive design shenanigans. For full time faculty and corporate folk who are using this post or any of my threads as a resource, offset your Capitalist Recuperation here.

First, a primer. Learn about the Disability Dongle. It provides important context for the links below.

Pottery Barn collaborates with “America’s foremost authority” on congregant living facilities to create their ‘Accessible Home’ line.

Some random abled, hearing dude launches captioning glasses without testing them on a single deaf user, including his grandfather who inspired the pursuit.

EA hopes mere mention of inclusive design will cause consumers to forget about its history of tokenistic diversity.

Google’s inaccessible ‘Accessible Marketing Toolkit’ announcement

P&G segments disabled people with children.

Microsoft partners with World Bank to extract data and labor from disabled people.

Corporate disabled person pretends to be radical by presenting a sanitized version of my Pottery Barn Twitter thread on LinkedIn while pretending neither I nor my writing exists.

Microsoft’s #AltTextAddsMore campaign teaches corporations how to write useless alt text.

DisabilityIN awards 9 out of the top 10 largest defense contractors a perfect 100% disability inclusion rating.

Banana Republic’s so-called inclusive designed baby line launch features a $250 leather flight jacket that requires professional leather cleaning.

Self-proclaimed “Mother of Inclusive Design” a byproduct of a field that prioritizes snake oil and hype over any actual reality.

Chevrolet tells on itself in its Disability Pride Month ‘Inclusive Design’ post.

What is up with white women and their corporate disability seals of approval?



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